Liverpool v Saints, EFL Cup Semi Final, Second Leg

Go on then, you all hate me anyway so I might as well start this one.

We go up to Anfield with a slender 1 goal lead, if (and it’s an if as big as Bletch’s ego) we score then they will have to score 2 more than us otherwise we win on away goals aet.

Come on boys, make us proud, get us to Wembley.


For the upvotes I’ll say 0-0 and we’re through.

the reality and downvotes is a 2-0 defeat and we’re out.

I am honestly thinking 1-0 full time and 2-1 at the end of extra time. Wembley!

But it would have been nice to have 24 hours to enjoy our 3-0 triumph!

Good man Bob

Only one way I can see this going. Liverpool will once again struggle to score against us and we’ll hit them on the break … twice

2 nil win for Saints and a new OP required for the Arsenal thread

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I’ll be on the piss for days if so, mate is over from Ireland for the Friday and Saturday and back down south next Sunday on the ale.

Let’s counter attack the shit out of them.

Get Shane to stay within an inch of Lovren all game and keep dropping it over the top.

Lovren will shit his knickers.

1-2 Saints


Sorry to be the party pooper but I think we have about as much chance of getting a result up there as we did of winning the home leg.


The Maths for this game don’t make good reading,

(No not the result, the watching ffs)

Kick Off is Midnight. Bar Service Closes at 01:00am.

Security start throwing people out at 01:30.

Now a normal midweek game that is “negotiable” as long as one of our crew is pickled enouigh to take on a Large Body Builder Muscleman.

For a game like this where Extra Time looms large in a possibilility that means 02:20 ish is the EARLIEST it could finish.

THEN the concept of Penalties and we’re banging on towards 3:00am.

And some of us need to be up for work the next day.

So Air traffic Controllers & the Self Employed should make it to the Pub (I mean how much sleep/sobriety does it take to park an A380 ffs?)

Me? I’ll just watch Claude’s pre-match interview to send me to an early night, then wait for the Twitter Rants about dodgy penalties, biased refs, Rotation, dogshite Redmond, Judas Lallana and how badly the sleep-over at Pap’s went.

Don’t be Journey, Stop Believing, The Ref, Sky et al REALLY want a pool manure final we wouldn’t have a chance even IF we were world beatingly consistent.


Been reading this forum and enjoying the posts for quite some time and finally decided to join the party!

Having watched the Liverpool Swansea game on Saturday and our match yesterday I’m confident that we can get a goal up at Anfield. However, I’m pretty sure that Liverpool are going to score as well. It looked to me that they just didn’t take Swansea too seriously to start with and once they went 2 down decided to start playing. But then lost it again…

If they come at us like that 20 minute period in the 2nd half early on it might be tricky for us.

I’m going for a 2-1 Liverpool win on the night but us to go through 2-2 on away goals after extra time…



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Who do we have turning up?

Hopefully the majority of the players.

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Originally posted by @Rallyboy

Hopefully the majority of _ our _ players.

A little tweak


1-1 on the night. Long to score ours after missing three sitters. There’s will be scored by an ex-Saint, sorry not to narrow it down at all.

Originally posted by @pap

Who do we have turning up?

Are you going?

The most important game since promotion and I can’t think of much else now - never mind on Wednesday

Thoughts that lead to pessimism:

‘If we can score up there they’ll need three’ - yes but they’ll have two hours to score the three, not 90 mins. Away goals only count after extra time (and you can imagine what the extra time will be like if we’re holding on to a draw)

VVD will possibly miss the game

…and to optimism

The first leg should have given us a lot of confidence

Plus we’re due a bit of luck

No Mane


Originally posted by @pap

Who do we have turning up?

I get into Liverpool about 2:30, check in to hotel and be out by 3:30. Are we all going to meet for a beer? It’s about time i met a few of you.

Originally posted by @pap

Who do we have turning up?

Don’t worry Pap, you won’t be lonesome. I may have put up a post on Facebook about a house party in Liverpool. It already has 2000 likes. I’m sure you’ll cope.


I’ve got a strange feeling bout this game. I dunno how to describe it, it’s like, the opposite of normal Saints feeling. Like waking on a dry mattress. Like Optimism.

SCOUSE 1-3 SAINTS (1-4 agg)


Saints 2 - Us 1 - We go through on away goals