:liverpoolfc: 🎫 Liverhampton tickets

Chaps … anyone going to Anfield next week ? Have you got your tickets yet ? Ordered a couple of tickets for Tyke but they’ve not been delivered :expressionless: Running out of time to post them on :pleading_face:

Mine came at the weekend. I had booked them on the first sale day.

Probably need to use a courier service if you run out of time.


Other services are available….

UK Courier services?
Kid wants to go to the game this srason!

You haven’t used one recently I take it?

Use them all the time for work (& occasionally personal) and can pretty much guarantee next day delivery at 9am in say, Aberdeen, from a pick up from Cobham Towers after 6:30pm. :man_shrugging:

Oh really

Yes, really


Just spoke to the ticket office. Apparently the last of the tickets were posted yesterday so there’s every chance ours will arrive today/tomrrow. Fallback is a re-print option at Anfield (I’m told) :fu:

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Good luck with that Tyke would be lucky to get to his seat by halftime :joy:


You two haven’t reconsidered your peremptory dismissals of my previous and entirely reasonable suggestion, then? :rage::rage::smile:


Remind us