Lithuania vs England

Lithuania vs England


Anyone watching this attempt to demonstrate that we are a powerhouse of world football


I learnt my lesson the other day.


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Normal service is resumed - so far

Flat back 5, sideways and back passing…

Shite, shite, shite


“We look better when we counter”

WTF - its Lithuania, not fucking Spain.


The Ayatollah has just gone out to a Baby Shower. I think she has the better deal.


It’ll be more entertaining


1-0 kane penalty


Yay 0:1 to us…

Call me Barry but this is still a pile of shite.


Dull. As. Fuck.


I don’t care about this match.


I’m done.


I may have stumbled on a way to enjoy watching England games again

Mobile stream on my knee while an hour of Bodice ripping unfolds in front of me in Outlander on the TV.

Normally England payers look like a load of Tits, but this way I can see real ones every few minutes or so.

But still having an early night (again) so no 2nd half luckily


I have a piece of amber from Lithuania.


I was asleep for the first half and wish I had stayed there from what I have seen so far of this half.

I just dont understand how they can be so shite

Wheres MLG and the Opta stats I bet we have passed the ball towards our own goal more than towards Lithuania’s


At least Keane has had a shot on goal

Albeit Butlands.


Me too. What bit have you got?


Lithuanians authorities are having a laugh.

Tannoy message saying the England fans have to stay where they are until 15 mins after the match.

I thought torture was outlawed unless the Goat was doing it?


Mrs C_S’ great- grandfather came from Lithuania.

Mrs C_S isn’t called Amber though.


It’s a small triangular piece. I can only think of one place that it culd’ve come from.


Well that really wasn’t very good was it? I don’t usually go for sacking managers just when they have qualified, but in this case I will make an exception. I do have some sympathy because he doesn’t have a lot to work with. But he really doesn’t seem to be a top quality coach to me.