Limpley Stoke

Staying near Bath for a few nights. Lovely location and a wonderful view of the cundryside.

Pub 50m from the hotel, serves Sharp’s Atlantic which I’m partial to. Landlord is a Pompey fan, but you can’t have everything.

And how many places feature an adverb and verb combination that so aptly capture one’s intentions? Because I’m getting onto a train to Bath now for beers and food and then back to the hotel to limpley stoke Mrs Bletch.

Ker ching.

Most women prefer Clitheroe.

Just saying.

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Monday = “bad pun day”, as you’ve known for almost 20 years now.

bletch is just a natural.

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Surely self-deprecating humour, where the woman is on top is ok?

Up here in Northern wastes, a gentleman’s fun was always interupted if you had to get off at Paisley…

We’ve both agreed that we might pay a visit to Wookey Hole tomorrow.


Oh go on then, see how many you can tick off! :lou_wink_2:

Oh and Pap has moved his family I see!

Don’t expect the rest of us to get kinky because you’ve situated yourself in Carl’s Aisle.


I used to live just on the River Piddle. Once fell in it as a child.