🇬🇧 🔫 License to kill?

One of the things bubbling under lockdown is the Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill. It’s a controversial piece of legislation as it would allow British operatives, particularly those working undercover, to engage in criminal activity.

Its opponents have gone worst case on it; seeing it from the angle of a British cop could legally murder anyone if the Bill is introduced without fear of repercussions.

Its supporters will say that engaging in criminal activity is the only way undercover agents can maintain cover.

Of course, this has always happened anyway and all we’ve done is turn a blind eye. Legally, those operatives can still be nicked for any crime where the statute of limitations has not run out.

What do we reckon? Closing a loophole, tool of tyranny or all of the above?

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The govt have always been able to remove unwanted personnel.
This will give legitimacy to it previously if the operative got caught he/she had the prospect of a spell at Her Maj’s pleasure this will now negate that.
It is a govt bill to rid the populace of the opposition as you would find in any dictorial run state.

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A means of legitimising/legalising false flag terror? Which is all done in the national interest of course. :smirk:

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Not sure how I feel about it

Taking part in a burglary to get into an organized crime family - probably justified

Killing somebody to get into a terrorist cell and prevent larger loss of life - glad i would never have to make the call either as the person doing it or whoever has to sanction it


I think that if it’s going to happen, I’d like to see some process up front, excluding specific individuals in specific cases. Sort of like a search warrant. It’s the blanket application and potential consequences that concern me.

Under a different government, it could easily be a legalised police state.

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That’s a massive over-exaggeration of something I’d imagine would be used so rarely that it could have no measurable effect on the popular vote.

Over exagerations on Sotonians who would have thunk that? I was just over simplifying it for effect.

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My bad. My sarcasm filter is playing up this morning.


Is anyone naive to think these decisions haven’t be made before since well the dawn of Kingdoms?