🤯🤯 Let’s talk about clusterfecks

Every day, another fuck up (& those getting worse)

Let’s list them here starting with;

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Worth it’s own thread?

There seems to be one a day, so why not ? :man_shrugging:t3:

Well, this particular instance could easily go into Brexit - The Aftermath, The latest News, Tories in Trouble or Gorgeous Recipes.


Happy if you want to move it.

Nah, it’s not really down to me. We’ll let it live or die on its own merits.

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Sotonian Admin to Relax Restrictions on New Threads


Oi. I’m only trying to save us from potential clusterflips!


I’m glad you’re adopting the modified version but I only changed it so no naughty swear words were on the main page.

Slightly amended - If it’s good enough for Father Jack

But don’t we already have a match thread to discuss Ralph’s team selections?

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