:leicesterfc: Leicester Looseners

After the shit show atgainst Leicester at St Mary’s last season I would suggest that post match drinks may be the order of the day.
Could be a good opportunity to test out the Unity Tap room:

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Love Unity beers. Been looking for an excuse to get to the source - we’ve discussed it before I remember.

I’ll try to make it down for beers after the game.

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Trying to plan my weekend. Who is out after?

@Fowllyd, did you manage to get off being on call?

Not found any willing takers yet (and there’s only a small number of people who could pick it up), but I have one more person I could ask.

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Won’t be able to make an evening session as I have no cover for being on call. Would be up for a couple pre-match though. Rockstone, anyone?

Sounds good. Not certain on ETA yet but will defo be there before at some point


You’d have thought they would have been able to find someone to spend an evening kneeling in front of a hole in the wall.

Ah, well.

@Goatboy, suggest you postpone the Unity trip until more people can come out to play?

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Me too

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Yeah, you’d think so. But then you wanted to go out drinking too.

Sorry @Goatboy, little legs and I are Carrot-shackled with visitors for the weekend but very much looking forward to Wolves away and Chelski at SMS. Catch you all soon CD

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Should be in the Rock by 1pm ish

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