Leicester away Match thread

Leicester away Match thread


We’re fucked.

The end.


What is the Point Barry

We support a football team

they win

they lose

We (the supporters ) still support them

yes Happy clappers but just stop with the doom and gloom it is not funny it is not liked by most on this little forum.

so please give it a rest.

Or if in doubt FUCK OFF.


I am merely airing my opinion in the next League game we’re fucked, that is hardly a revelation is it? Are you shocked that we’re going to get fucked on our current form, want some softer words, a comfort blanket? Poor buttercup, we’re shit and I accept it and I am looking forward to our owners losing millions and millions as they tried to cash in, fuck them.


No you are not airing you opinion you are forcing you doom and gloom down our throats at every opportunity it is fucking boring and repetitive we know we are shite the league table reflects that but just shut the fuck up about it.

In big letters



Lovely, just lovely.




I really can’t blame Barry for being gutted and venting in the slightest. Fuck it - I’m on the floor.


I become the verbal punchbag for the clappers and delusioned, fuck it I couldn’t give a shite, I’ve always known what we are and certainly don’t need day trippers, clappers or a new member of the board to tell me exactly what we are or aren’t, I know as I’ll be here for life, I accept it and don’t believe what the club say, fuck it they would say a rainbow shits out of their arse as its their agenda to do so.




Leicester 3 Southampton 0


Hands up how many think that’s not only what Bazza thinks the score will be but what Bazza WANTS the score to be.

His agenda is that perverse. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


West Brom win at Old Trafford… I am now terrified we will finish bottom.


Winnable game.

We won’t.


No one not even a clapper would fancy our chances, based upon what? Football is based in many respects on a condition of hope but not stupidity, blind hope and willful ignorance.


Whatever the likely result, I’m going to see the match. Might as well witness the last few prem games if the inevitable happens … :confused:

Anyone else mad enough ?


I don’t see what difference it makes. You all get relegated.


True but I just don’t want to categorically be the worst team in the league. The absolute shittest team in the division. Finishing below West Brom would be fucking embarrassing bearing in mind they’re pretty much the only team we have taken points off this year.


On the plus side, BS may become so apoplectic that he explodes and we won’t be subjected to his pointless rants anymore.


1-2 Saints a rare away win with rat boy getting sent off along with Puel who goes appoleptic at the team he could not train or coach beating him.


Any way as Bazza stated in his opening foray

we are fucked.

Because he did not follow forum rules and allow me start the match thread as the incumbent holder of the losing stick.