Leicester away Match thread

Leicester away Match thread


West Brom win at Old Trafford… I am now terrified we will finish bottom.


Winnable game.

We won’t.


No one not even a clapper would fancy our chances, based upon what? Football is based in many respects on a condition of hope but not stupidity, blind hope and willful ignorance.


Whatever the likely result, I’m going to see the match. Might as well witness the last few prem games if the inevitable happens … :confused:

Anyone else mad enough ?


I don’t see what difference it makes. You all get relegated.


True but I just don’t want to categorically be the worst team in the league. The absolute shittest team in the division. Finishing below West Brom would be fucking embarrassing bearing in mind they’re pretty much the only team we have taken points off this year.


On the plus side, BS may become so apoplectic that he explodes and we won’t be subjected to his pointless rants anymore.


1-2 Saints a rare away win with rat boy getting sent off along with Puel who goes appoleptic at the team he could not train or coach beating him.


Any way as Bazza stated in his opening foray

we are fucked.

Because he did not follow forum rules and allow me start the match thread as the incumbent holder of the losing stick.


We seem to have discovered where the net is so I can see us scoring one or two. Sparky needs to work out how to plug our leaky defence though. Even playing 5 at the back wont work if you stand off players in the box. A winnable game and it would be nice to get a slice of luck for a change.


Based upon our last 2 games I quite fancy us getting something out of this one, caveat that we play like we did, in bouts, against Arsenal and Chelsea. We also might not get a homer or arrogant twat for a ref, hope runs eternal.r

Whatever I shall be looking for a stream on Thursday evening and I will be swearing at my computer screen.



Given the game is tomorrow (it’s still on yes?) and nobody has posted for 2 days, I was wondering if there was any interest or are we just clinging to a faint hope of cup glory as we drop down to the Championship (to regroup Barry).

1:2 win for us btw.


Too busy studying The Championship.


#wemarchon with Les’s army. 3-0 to Leicester


Yes, of course we’re interested Kev. Last day in Spalding tomorrow then quick jaunt over to Leicester, grab some tea and get amongst the lame and weary …

I’ve gone for a heartwarming 1-3 on the club predictor. I don’t consider myself a happy clapper but I do believe that until it’s mathematically impossible, it’s possible.



Did I miss the latest Sotonians awards?

Chris, I reckon you should have got the award for

"Most wildly optimistic Sotonian in the face of adversity "


Keep fighting the good fight my friend!


Leave him alone @cobham-saint , I too think we’ll show some guts and fight and run out winners by 2 or 3 goals.


I have put the kaibosh on this by putting 25 knicker on the nose for a Saints win.




Well the rest of you happy clappers are saying we are going to win :lou_lol: