:pl: :leedsunitedfc: Leeds v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_logo: Sports)

:leedsunitedfc: v :saintsfc:

Moved to Tues 23rd Feb due to FA Cup tie with the Shrewsbury plague rats. Main event before the Chumpions League matches…

  • :saints: back on form after one draw, :leedsunitedfc: going to suffer, :saints: to win
  • One stuttering draw a summer does not make, :leedsunitedfc: will win
  • Draw, draw, draw, did I say it will be a draw?
  • :leedsunitedfc: 0 - 0 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 0 - 1 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 0 - 2 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 0 - 3 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 1 - 0 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 1 - 1 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 1 - 2 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 1 - 3 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 2 - 0 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 2 - 1 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 2 - 2 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 2 - 3 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 3 - 0 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 3 - 1 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 3 - 2 :saints:
  • :leedsunitedfc: 3 - 3 :saints:

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Jankewitz not in the B team today so probably in the squad for Tuesday.


Poll added to the OP

He was on the bench on Saturday, so why not?

Missed that!! Thought he was still banned.

What, Barry?


Fancy us tonight. 1-2. Ings double.


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Don’t be sorry, vote in the poll

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Not sure about this one. Can see it being a decent 2 - 2 draw, though.

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We really, really need a win tonight to put that losing streak to bed properly. I reckon the lads will be bang up for it and have just enough quality to edge it. Two nil saints.

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That confident that you’ve just voted for a win!!

Armstrong is back but Ings is on the bench and Tella starts instead of Minamino and Djenepo.


No Ings. Yikes

Tella will be on fire.

Asking a bit much of the young lad isn’t it?

Ffs Sky doing a good doom and gloom bit on us :roll_eyes:

Wasn’t surprised to see Djenepo on the bench. The lad had lumps kicked out of him at the weekend.

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Interesting team selection! Looking forward to seeing what Tella can do from the start. Let’s hope that Che can step up again and find his shooting boots! Going for us to win 1-2.


And that twat Souness says D’ings deserves to be at a bigger club and we’re lucky to have him.

True, but still…