:pl: :leedsunitedfc: Leeds United v Saints :saints:

:leedsunitedfc: v :saints:

  • :leedsunitedfc: to get the new manager bounce and win Dirty, because they’re Dirty Leeds, geddit?
  • :saints: will end up saying Gracia’s for the three points © @PhilippineSaint
  • some gobbledy gook from @Polski_Filip which, I think, means a :saints: win
  • One swallow a summer does not make, :leedsunitedfc: to win
  • Seles has them fired up again :saints: to win, less frenetically this time
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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Same weekend as the League Cup Final.

Just saying.


Oh dear, time for us to face the new manager bounce…

This aged well :slight_smile:

I am loving the negativity being expressed by their fans already…

We will end up saying Gracia’s for the three points


It still is. Unless you know something the rest of the world doesn’t?

Technically it is but the context in which the statement was made doesn’t :thinking:

Erik is going.
He wont see a thing.
Gnoto v Sulemanna.
He’ll be so pissed it will all be a blur
Tall Paul time

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Context schmontext!

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‘Set to’ and ‘has been’ in the time left to face us severely scupples the time Mr Javi gets with their squad. Tbf, The nameless one didn’t get that ‘new manager bounce’, might not happen for Leeds?

Still waiting for his visa / right to work… tick tock, tick tock :grin:

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Got his work permit. Bit late to do anything with it but will be in the dugout

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Poll added to the OP, bit late I know but do I care?

I’m missing the game due to a commitment (fuck knows how) to go indoor skydiving. Can’t help thinking it’ll be a huge anticlimax after the real thing over Swakopmund.

But I didn’t go last week either so let’s hope it’s an omen.


Swinging from a chandelier?

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That’s nearly hill walking it’ll do

I am sooo EXCITED (yes, EXCITED!!) for this game!

I feel not nervous but positive about the run in. They will talk about our achievement for many a minute (coz people need perpetual motion in their lives lol)!

However, to bring the dreaming back to the now, does anyone share even one degree of my optimism?? I am not even dreading the potential lack of sleep! We literally have a free hit at this one, well, if you follow, as Leeds is ‘the bigger club’, with ‘more support’ and ‘deserve their spot’ over little old us.

FUCK EM!! We are to stuff em I feel. Im not even contemplating a poor performance!

(B)Elland Rd will be as toxic a place as we left Stamford Bridge at the end of last match week, all the pressure on Leeds imho!


Of course I share your optimism. I have beer tokens on it.