Lawrie Mac's Book

Lawrie Mac's Book


Any started reading this yet? The clips I have read so far havent inspired me yet that was my era and he was a big hero of mine back then. He seems to have a bit of an ego problem and I cant be arsed to read a book in which he bigs himself up all the way through.


Has he got a new one out then? As I did read the “Diary of a season” that he did.


Yeah it came out last week and the Echo published snippets from it.


I’m not keen sporting personality autobiographies; they are invariably ghost-written or heavily influenced by publishing editors. Sportsmen are not usually literate enough to go it alone and show business is about “bigging yourself up” these days so invented or sensationalised incidents are introduced to sell the book as “controversial” or “revealing”…whilst I’d settle for factual but boring.


FFS, we’ve got enough fucking noise from Bazza with all of his tech problems threads.

Now we have to fix Lawrie’s MacBook? I thought they just worked!


Maybe its Lawrie Sanchez´s


Beat me to the joke :lou_sad: