Labuan Malaysia

Labuan Malaysia


I have just been transfered from Brazil to Offshore Malaysia. so my commute will be a lot less :lou_lol:

Has anybody on here been there? Labuan I mean.

I have been to KL and the place just over the bridge from Singapore thats sounds like Supermans dads name and generally like Malaysia if any knows of any good bars or restaurants in Labuan let me know



Well got no responce on here but have now been to Labuan a couple of times and can reccomend it for a short vacation stop.

Has guaranteed good weather

Cheap Hotels most good quaity.

The whole place is a duty free zone so prices for food and drink are a third of what they are in KL

Hotel beer works out at GBP 1.85 bottle

Good restraunts / bars and nightclubs

some nice beaches around as well.

The hotels have no problem with increasing the occupancy of the room overnight for no charge.


Phil’s been ringing concierge for an “extra Pillow” again


Blimey, you’re close enough now to pop over to Barasti to watch a game.