Lab grown meat available at at of this year

Lab grown meat available at at of this year


2 years ago it cost $11,000 to produce a lab burger. Looks like it be mass produced this year.


Put me down for half a dozen lab burgers :hamburger:


Is it Halal?


Wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. Probably turn out to be as cancerous as processed meat and who the fuck do those condescending cunts peta think they are.

“We believe it’s the first important step toward realising the dream of one day putting environmentally sound, humanely produced real meat into the hands and mouths of the people who insist on eating animal flesh,” the charity said in a statement.

You believe? The dream? People who insist? I don’t give a fuck what you believe, you can fuck off with your dream of forcing others to do as you want and people insist because meat is a natural food source, look at your fucking teeth(any vegetarian that hasn’t had their k9s pulled is a fraud).


I still have no clue as to what the thread title is meant to say even after thinking about it all day ?


Woaahhh calm down! :laughing:

Yep we are able to eat meat but in the world of mass produced, stuffed full of all sorts, environmentally damaging, poor conditions, wasteful production some people decide not to eat animal products. Not all of us are saying you have to join are way or else either.


Sorry Niki, nothing against people’s own choices, but the person who said that should stop the childish “people who insist”.

Apart from being a natural food source, some don’t have the choice to insist. It came across as very arrogant and trying to force one’s will on others.

Your points on conditions and quality are valid, but not because people eat meat, it’s more to do with the shit profit at all costs attitude of the capitalist world. Industrial crop farming is much more environmentally damaging, look up deforestation for biofuels/soil depletion/water poisoning(all a direct consequence of industrial farming).

Oh, the bit that said livestock causes more emissions than transport is bollocks, even though they don’t count their own transport costs(be difficult to sell all that meat without transportation).

Here are some stats from the most gluttonous society that’s ever existed.


Can we just eat vegetarians?


Palm oil based deforestation it one of the major issues here.

so its all the fault of those haribo eating cunts


Haribo anything to do with this lot?

Biofuels, so we can claim to be greener laughably, also have a large part to play.

Leaked trade industry figures show a five-fold increase in the use of palm oil for biodiesel in Europe between 2010 and 2014, providing new evidence of links between deforestation in southeast Asia and the EU’s renewable energy mandate.

The leaked figures, show that 45% of palm oil used in Europe in 2014 went to biodiesel, up from 8% in 2010.

Greenhouse gas emissions from biodiesel are more than three times higher than those from conventional diesel engines when indirect effects are considered, according to recent research by the European commission.


I work in an industry that takes old fossil fuels out of the ground and we recycle it so that you can have heat and transportation and me and Dubai Phil can have cooling.


Is at at the same as out out?


I’m with Peta on this. In fact, I take it further, I won’t even eat the flesh of plants. I don’t eat any living creature or organism srs! It’s barbaric! I only eat i.e. rocks and things.

I don’t really see how eating dogs helps tho rip I am prob against That.


Isnt Peta that page 3 model that married Mark Cavendish?


One thing Peta seem to be overlooking is that if we don’t eat meat then all those animals that they cherish and love WON’T BE NEEDED ANYMORE, so bye bye to cows, sheep, chicken, pigs etc. etc. etc.


Shoes, belts, fur coats, rugs, umbrella stands, cosmetic testing. We will still need them.


I like leather


I hate to think what you may have eaten on your stag week Bear…