Kodi/streaming/vpn stuff

Kodi/streaming/vpn stuff


I’ve been having a few issues with accessing the footy lately so have been hunting around for something that seems reliable.

For those also having issues I thought we should have a thread for suggestions (I believe we have a couple of kodi devotees on the site for brain picking :lou_wink_2:)

I have tried a few different builds this week without much success but have finally stumbled across Nemesis which appears to work well on my Mac running expressVPN.


Hope this is of use to some.


I have given up on Kodi and haven’t used it for months. The football streams were terrible and the film/video links all getting shut down. I just use terrarium on an Amazon box these days. Would you recommend going back to Kodi or is it still stressful?


I still use Sportsmania but behind a PIA VPN for PL football, all other sports are fine.

I also have installed the Sportsmania build which is more than adequate for my needs.

And I use it on my PC, on my Tablet and I have a Kodi box in the front room.


It’s only been shite for a week or two for me. Just the football. Everything else has been fine.

I will update when I’ve given the footy a good go on this new build.


I use Saintsplayer but it can be hit and miss. More hit than miss and only £5 per month and no VPN. I ditched Sportsmania after the whole Bitcoin kerfuffle. Link for Sainstplayer here. Tried Flawless and it wasn’t .


Sportsmania is back to accepting cash payments now…but only monthly I think

My sub isn’t up 'til the end of April so I’ve missed most of the fuss over bitcoin. :lou_lol:


Bitcoin put me off but I don’t think I’ll be back. I like the movies etc I can access on Kodi, it’s free, so I can spend the saved money on a good vpn.


I just fire up the laptop, .making sure the anti-vir and ad blocker is up to date - pretty much 99.9% of the time I find a good to reasonable stream. But watch on the telly box if on BT or Sky


OK Geeks, I have just an hour ago recieved this from “Bitdefender”, my Virus Protection provider…



| |

We all love perks, and here’s a special one for you: free VPN for Windows and Android devices coming with your next update to your Bitdefender security product.

| |

The free VPN will be available for all users by February 7th**.**

| |

With VPN, you can stop worrying about your privacy when browsing online. Bitdefender VPN secures and encrypts your internet connection, granting you total anonymity online.

| |

Besides, VPN can help you watch content normally restricted to users in your area. Get access to media, videos & messaging from anywhere in the world.

| |

Users will enjoy free VPN for all internet traffic up to 200MB/device/day.

| |

If you’re using iOS or Mac OS devices, good news: free VPN is coming your way soon.

| |

Safely yours,


…so how is this going to help with my online viewing??


So SaintsPlayer does live stuff or highlights @saint-cd ?


You can stream without having to worry about big brother carting you off to the naughty corner.


All live Saints games.

I didn’t realise but they must also do some other games too. I flicked it on tonight to get the kids stream on YouTube and it fired up on the Watford/Chelski game. Not seen that before.

Give it a go for £5.


Never knew they did live games.

IlI’ happily give a few more quid to the club .


I used Opera VPN and Kodi for sportsmania for while but it became a ball ache as I don’t really know what I’m doing. If I could use it with out the filing an online tax return level of stress/incompetence on my behalf I would go back to it. I miss Willow, some fella called Goatboy and winding up DoneInTheArse. There was a good little community back in the days when it was called sportsnation.

Didn’t know that saintsplayer provided live match streams. £5 per month seems oddly cheap. it was great for solent commentary but not paying a fiver for that when I can get a shit reception by balancing my site radio precariously in the opposite end of the house from where I want to be.


Yep. Shame really. Always thought it was good value but as it got bigger the quality and reliability seemed to drop. Could never get on with the multitude of facebook groups either. Bitcoin was the final straw for me.


Nothing to do with the club I think … ? Unless I’ve got it proper wrong ? Just some PapGeek somewhere streaming BeinSports etc. and hasn’t been caught ? You can only pay for 1 month at a time which is sometimes a drag if you’ve forgotten on matchday. They are quick to send user details (which change each time !) And the live chat is quick too. I have a feeling it’s somewhere in Holland but I don’t know why I think that at 6.30am ?


I use an an app called Mobdro on my phone, tablet and Amazon Fire Stick. It has loads of streams for TV shows and movies plus channel streams too…

Sometimes the sky sports streams work without a vpn but other times I have to run expressVPN to get them to work. Can normally find the game I want to watch as there are soooo many sports channels available.

I travel abroad a lot and never need the vpn outside of the UK, which is handy. I remember sitting at a black tie dinner function in Singapore last Christmas, watching the Bournemouth/Saints match and completely forgetting myself when Rodriguez scored that belter… got some funny looks…

I too have given up on Kodi all together. With my Netflix subscription and Mobdro on my fire stick I don’t really want for much in terms of TV entertainment.


"…Dizzyfeet posted this 11 hours ago

I use an an app called Mobdro on my phone, tablet and Amazon Fire Stick. It has loads of streams for TV shows and movies plus channel streams too…"

So @dizzyfeet or @undefined , for us IT numpties, wtf is Mobdro, how does it work and how do you put it on an Amazon Firestick?

Have to admit to being too admittedly Technologically challenged to ask Teenage Mutant - asking only destroys the last shreads of the self respect and dignity around “Dad knows everything” that I’m clinging to…



I took a look at Mobdro after Dizzy’s suggestion. Go onto their website and download it from there. Too many shitty versions on Google Play Store. Downloaded and installed ok, updated itself there and then. Seems to work ok without a VPN. Might be different come match day as the PL rights might require using VPN. I’ve used a few VPNs recently (cyberghost, tunnelbear and expressvpn). The best ones you pay for but they are all relatively cheap.

Basically Amazon firestorm makes your normal tv become am internet tv. If your tv is already an internet tv then you don’t really need a firestick .

I run my normal tv with a Google chrome cast off the tablet or phone. Essentially does the same thing.

Google "how to use a VPN " … it’s straight forward even for a ludite like me.


I lost you after " I took a look at Mobdro…" tbf @saint-cd - nowt personal, just anything more than 2 tin cans and a piece of string is beyond me :lou_wink_2: