Knowing Southampton

some interesting facts here.


Thanks Sim, interesting stuff.

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Liked that a lot, particularly the bonus fact at the end of it.

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No mention of King Canute? The developement of The Spitfire, or how Southampton Water was once the major Air/Seaport?

A real shame that so much of the past is not suitably represented adequately in forms of museums etc which could enhance the tourism market in the area. Hate to say it but Liverpool have done a much better job … but there again they seem to make a big deal about living in the past :wink:


Nice link. I’ve just spent around half an hour learning about the legend of Sir Bevois.

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You could have spoken to my dad about it. He did a talk for a short film on it. He was v good.


My dad was one of Southampton’s first Blue Badge guides in the 1970s. He did the tours around the old town walls, lectured adult groups and school kids. He loved guiding the young kids, always said they were the most enthusiastic and attentive.

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Some interesting shots in these videos, in the York press of course!

Blimey everything looks so old in 1993/94!

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intiniki’s dad is an archaeologist.

Top bloke. His job is not at all like Indiana Jones’. He is still the picture of calm whenever he’s asked that question.

But he’s cracking :lou_wink_2:

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