Klopp Out!

Klopp Out!


Looks like it’s going to be a bad day for Merseyside.

Tottingham are 2 up within 15 minutes…Son hit the underside of the bar…Liverpool being run ragged at the moment


But he’s a genius?

Have you not seen him jump up & down on the touchline?

He even breaks his glasses sometimes.

Top manager.


…not sure you can judge Klopp based on that nightmareof dysfunction and years of selfentitlement that is Liverpool - and all their ‘bootroom’ antics.

Klopp is all about scoring more than you let in- fast paced dynamic players - his Dortmund side that won back to back Bundesligas was a great young side that was then dismantled… Heis not a genius nor is he shit, but he needs good young players to work with and not sure he has what he needs at Scousehampton…he has Lovren :lou_surprised:


3 - 1 HT…time to show your metal genius. :lou_wink_2:


He’s been in the job two years, you can absolutely judge the job he’s doing now.

His record at this stage is worse than Rodgers, they are still horrifically inconsistent and if anything they have gotten worse defensively in his time there.

The fact he is ‘likable’ just means the media fawn over him, instead of actually analysing him, or his team. Doesn’t get half the scrutiny that should be coming his way.

He’s built one team in his career, and won leagues with Dortmund, it wasn’t exactly a Leicester story, and it didn’t exactly end well there.

It’s all well and good Klopp being about out scoring opponents, but they simply aren’t. He’s been there long enough to have implemented his style, and hasn’t. If he can’t adapt that style to get results, that’s his failing.


er… maybe I am reading too much into your post, but it reads all bitter and bothered? We are talking football, but sometimes I tink the level of dislike against some players and managers is as if he shagged everyones missus, or did he bomb your chippie?


Ho ho ho 4-1 ahahahaha


Where did I say I don’t like him?

I said he’s I think he’s over rated, and explained why.

But hey, I guess the wobblers about Koeman, Neymar etc are different. I’m quite sure there won’t be a single negative post on here about VvD either.

Utter bollocks.




Just returned the favour as you just assumed this was aimed at just you… (You seem to be quite ‘down’ on anything I post since we ‘fell out’ over fuck knows what…) Point is, I happen to find managers with a bit of personality and honesty about them more engaging - this is afterall meant to be something we do as entertainment, not just ‘success’. Many European managers have ‘Failed’ as you call it within the Prem, because of its hustle sand bustle style - some adapt and some bugger off, and then go win the champions league withsome else…

Your first post was not explaining anything - you only did so when challenged…


Steve McManaman on Astrosport

“its like Billy Smarts circus” :lou_lol:


If the press don’t call for his head now, you have to wonder why.

16 goals conceded in 9 games. Their worst defensive start to a season since 64-65.

It’s turned out to be a beautiful day, when add their neighbours defensive achievement in. A Hamilton win later and it’ll almost be perfect(if Boufal’s goal had been today, perfect) :lou_lol:


Dude, I explained why I think he’s over rated. Your response was to say I sounded bitter or like that he shagged my Mrs. What response do you expect to that, honestly?

Then you start going on about some personal vendetta, that exists only in your head.

If you find managers like him more preferable, great. Why not just say that and we can debate it?

I’ve never said he’s not entertaining, or more likable than his predecessor. I just think he is over rated, and doesn’t get the scrutiny he should because he jumps around a lot (and the pundits/press are too busy hanging off him).


Can you two take it to the sweb so that we don’t have to witness the positive resistance happening here. You’re spoiling my fkn happy place! X


Gurning tramp.


Excellent hatchet job on lovren


Barney does have a certain way with words. I particularly liked this bit.

At which point Lovren felt the music swell, the choir begin to purr and coo and for just one tiny, fatal moment really did seem to believe he could fly.


Yeah this was another lovely piece… :lou_lol:

Lovren did not just lose Kane, he seemed to lose all concept of what it was he was doing here, dressed in these strange red clothes, ambling about like a man recently winched up off the anaesthetist’s table, and watching on with only the vaguest curiosity as the ball floated over his head into Kane’s path.