Im at wits en here my laptop keyboar has suenly not recognise the letter an backspace an enter FFS! Google it an it recommens removing battery an ing a contrate air thing. Who woul realise that one letter woul cause such a thing. Went to Maplin an bought a USB keyboar that initnt work :slight_frown: Just orer new laptop



Im not even joking :slight_frown:

You had d’s in the cricket post. What’s happened to them?

Just use asterix’ and hash tags and pretend your swearing


They got run out by the letter .

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My notebook went like that Brizzie. After trying all the Googled fixes I just bought a new laptop.

Pisser. :lou_sad:

hey @saintbristol , do you remember the name of that guy who played ‘the equalizer’? Not enzel Washington but the guy from the tv series?


EwarWooWoo , great actor unerrate


My keyboards are remarkably prone to getting rum and coke or vodka and coke over them which makes them go bang pop whizz so I am now adept at replacing them completely, getting IT at work to change the complete thing and buying new laptops myself.

I even managed to fuck the attachable keypad for the IPad so badly I had to buy another one.

Air is often a solution. Get a can of it in town.

No seriously!

Put the little straw thing in and give your keyboard a good blow job

Blasts the crumbs out.

(Secrets of recycling 4976) just after using Mr Muscle oven cleaner to make them look newer (cases that is not keyboards)

After reading Ted’s posts I usually assume he’s dropped an E or something, so it’s refreshing to see he’s now dropped a D.


Who are you trying to kid…warm and sticky more like. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

Talking of warm & stickt keyboards, where IS Bear?

I’m sure he said he was away for a week about three weeks ago.

Anyone checked Goats Van?

ffs use stuff where you can say stuff without that letter…simples…

New laptop, thanks Mr Amazon and hello new keyboardddddddddddddd

ick hea. …!


Very drole Mr Bletch


Don’t do drugs outside,

I dropped two Es in public and got pubelice.

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