Kevin Davies retires from the game

Will perhaps be remembered for being a niggly player in his later career. I’ll always remember him for this.


Video no work on this website…

Funny isn’t it, Giggs scores a similar goal against Arsenal in the FA cup and it’s lauded as the best goal ever!

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For some reason South West Trains have blocked that video, so I’m assuming it shows his goal against Everton!

I always liked Davies and was sad that things didn’t work out for him at Saints. I thought it was a shame that a lot of Saints’ fans turned against him - not always for footballing reasons, so I’m led to believe.

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Gutted when he left us twice. Not one of Strachan’s best decsions.


FA Cup, 2002-03 season. Losing 1-0 to Millwall in the Fourth Round (to a Claridge goal of all things).

Up steps substitute Kevin Davies in the 89th minute to prod home. Wembley dream restored.


He really should have played in the final against Arsenal. Strachan bottled it and played it safe after shipping 6 a few days previously. I dont think he was even on the bench.

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Besides Pahars scoring two on the final day against Everton in the Great Escape of 98-99, that Davies goal is my most enduring memory of listening to Saints on Radio Solent.

Both against Everton. Which is strange as our record against Everton is very poor!

KD is one of my favourite Saints and player in recent times. Works very hard for the team. I got his name and I think 16 on the back of a white Saints shirt and he fucked off. A few seasons later he was back, so the shirt came out! :laughing:

I didn’t know he was still around.

In other news, I Googled Warren Mitchel yesterday…That loveable fucker is still alive! Who woulda thunk it!