JW-P and Redmond called up to Senior England Squad

This’ll please the @barry-sanchez

Of course, if he does get called up, we can expect the rumours to start about wanting Champions League football etc. etc.

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says a lot about England team if he can get a call up.


Jesus wept, new low for English football, Carlton Palmer and now this…

I’ll take your Carlton Palmer and raise you a Geoff Thomas…

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Didn’t David Nugent & Jay Bothroyd both get caps in the past 10 years(ish)?

Not only IS JW-P in the squad so is our Nathan…

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8 current and ex-Saints in that squad, not bad really…

Nine if you count Antonio, though he was only here on loan so maybe not.

I was counting him, must have missed someone else off…try and look clever and see what happens :lou_facepalm_2:

Reeks of mediocrity that squad.

Meh, they’re for friendlies against Germany and Lithuania, good chance to see what the nearly runs are like I guess.

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Jake fucking Livermore?

Tbf, it’d be impressive if they managed to perform worse than the main squad of late.


Fraser Forster? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha FRASER FORSTER? Fuck me.


omg i have double d-vote all u cunts! Get behind powsey ffs! Ur all too caught up on what he can’t do, and you forget the gr8 things he can do! If you give prowsey time, space, and a non-moving ball, he can sometimes hit it more or less in the general area he’s aiming for! Show me another england player that can do that ffs! Fk off slagging prowsey!