🇨🇦 Justin Trudeau

:canada: Justin Trudeau


Jesus wept. What next? Is he going to go full black-face on a tour of Africa?



It’s cringe but it’s not Trump. He err Trumps all the cringe stuff all the other world leaders do.


and wears funky socks


Ah the liberal elite, I just love it, the well intentioned laughed at, he is a nice guy but why did he do this?


Because he was told to by advisors that have already been tapped up by his successor


Its totally different but displays liberal arrogance, he does it for Diwalhi in Canada which is fine but bringing in a “Bollywood wardrobe” to a foreign Country is a tad shite, I long for someone to pay tribute here with a bowler hat or a beefeater outfit…


He’s a politician, he’s media savvy. That photo where he was “by chance” jogging by a student prom photo. Well that was lucky.



Liz is loooking pissed because she will have to go upstairs and change her dress now.