Juanmi anyone?

Juanmi anyone?


Banging them in for Real Sociedad. 35 appearances and 13 goals. Maybe he’s our Mane replacement … We limp on. COYR


Rather Juanthem than Juanmi.

Looked like a rabbit in headlights most times he played for us.


Another midget in an era of Russian Lab technique Steroid-fed space closing monsters in the EPL.

Great idea but wrong size

And yes I do think hcdajfu then and now, just never got the chance.

More likely to recall OLumper Lumper from Yeovia thb


Noticed that Olomola was on the bench last night for the u23s. Presumably he’s back from Yeovil ? Maybe MaPe has decided on his new striker options …


Watched the first one with Morc from Orc, but heard the remake is a bit shit


My gags are wasted on here … :lou_sad:


I’m not sure I’m alone in not understanding it …


Not wasted as I was in transit and Mork drinking with his finger is still funny


Fair play - was a play on Jumanji…

Place is full of philistines :lou_wink_2: