Jpeg repair

Anyone got a program that repairs corrupted jpeg photos? My external hard drive had a problem, and some pics got deleted that I really want to keep. Recuva has found them, about half are fine but the rest won’t open. They are showing roughly the same file size as the good ones, but photos just says “it appears we cannot open this type of file”. Thumbnail doesn’t appear on these, though it does on the good ones. Any advice/help?

How to Repair Corrupted JPEG /JPG Files

  1. Run CHKDSK to Fix Hard Disk Drive. …
  2. Recover Corrupted JPEG from a Backup. …
  3. Use Another Picture Viewer or Convert JPEG to Another Format. …
  4. Repair Corrupted JPEG Files Using Professional JPG Repair Software.

I’ve tried the first three without any joy, I think it needs a pro repair program. Don’t suppose you have one?

No I don’t…try googling “Free file recovery” you don’t want to have to pay for something you might only use once.

That mainly comes up with Recuva, which is what I used to retrieve the files. What I think it needs is another program to repair some of them, can’t seem to find any open source software that does it.

I expect you saw this: