Joshua vs Klitschko

Joshua vs Klitschko


Guess this could be in boxing thread but arrogantly decided it deserved it’s own thread…

Whos going to be watching and what’s your prediction? Finding it tough to call. If AJ catches Wlad then it’s well known that his chin is suspect. If I knew for certain that AJ’s chin was solid I’d feel very confident.


Going to be out at a friends 50th birthday party, studiously NOT drinking any Brewdog product, so I shall not be watching.

Might watch it later on catch up if I can.

I thikn Joshua will do him by the fourth round, unless Vlad stays out of reach and frustrates Joshua too much in which case Vald will win on points.


Got a spare ticket for sale - face value.

Anyone fancies seeing it in the flesh and not on the box, give me a shout.


Wlad looks ripped and scary


Big step up for Joshua. I might have a few quid on Klit.


Shit undercard which is annoying and puts me off forking out £20.


Just fork out £26 for 6 months of sportsmania instead. Watch the boxing and get football too :lou_wink_2:



Bollox - Is that for real LBD? I was going to pull my finger out and finally get around to signing up



Soz, no. Didn’t know that.


They sent me an email last Sunday.

Back open again after midnight Saturday/Sunday to get the re-runs, if that helps


Klitscko is 41, and jeez he’s ripped. I’m in my 40s so there’s hope … Admittedly I don’t go to the gym, am not 6’8 and i’m not a Ukrainian. The not going to the gym bit is the most valid


And not being 6 foot 8 or being able to spell klitschko :scream:


That’s because you’re not Ukrainian



So is the money going on Joshua or Klitschko?


Cobham Saint
Cobham Saint posted this 1 minute ago
Mrs C_S in her attempt to earn enough for a holiday in the Maldives has laid a bet for each of them to win, and laid off the bets elsewhere for the opposite result

She has absolutely no interest in the fight…

I tthought I would repost this here as I don’t think Joshua or Klitschko are standing for election


So CobhamSaint this nefarious plan your Mrs has to make money ?

to make that above bet worthwhile she has to put a lot down ?


If i do that sort of betting, it ends up a draw.


Cheers Phil - yep posted in wrong place - in a rush to get train to today’s Beerex :lou_lol:

Mrs C_S made about £380 yesterday - her “scheme” id to bet small across a range of online bookies and lay off the bets elsewhere.

Stated off with minimal stakes to get the free bets and took it from there.

I’m sure there’s a catch, but for the life of me I can’t see it.