Joshua v Klitschko ticket available - face value

I know this isn’t ebay or stubhub or whatever but it is a sports forum for people with conections to Southampton so no moaning.

A small group of us are going to Wembley on sat for the fight. One guy can’t go as he has to work abroad. It’s a lower tier ticket, roughly behind the goal, just off the expensive floor level seats. He is selling for face value (£120), he might even accept an offer of around £100.

The catches are:

  1. It includes a return coach ticket from Southampton Station. The coach must be taken to Wembley to get the stadium ticket but you can stay in London at the end if you want or take the coach home. Whichever you prefer.

  2. You will have to meet me to get the ticket. Welcome to hang around for a beer or 8 or until you get too annoyed with us.

Let me know if you are interested. Pap said he will guest anyone who posts a tumbleweed pic.

Oh, have to meet you do we? Putting conditions on buying the ticket are we? Sounds like the pap Farmhouse handjob Soviet all over again. I thought you were above that.

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I can post it to you but the seats are together so we will know who you are. There will be severe punichments for mentioning any forum stuff :slight_smile: