Josh Sims

Josh Sims


Does he still exist?

Obviously with Liverpool away being the next game it just struck me that Josh Sims has barely been in contention since his assist for Long in the semi-final in January and doesn’t seen to have been on Pellegrino’s radar at all this season.


He has been, and remains, injured.


Yep. Knee injury. He was co-commentating on one of the youth games a few weeks ago and said he was at least a couple of months away.


Hesketh is another who came and went quickly. Hope to see him back again soon.


For me this is quite worrying. The fact we cannot score and our under 17/19/20… are not doing as well as they have been in recent times.

I feel we need someone who can find the net in the January transfer window or our luck could be about to runout!

The fact remains, teams that don’t score, struggle big time!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Recently back from injury.