Jonah Lomu

I can’t see St. Peter or your nearest (a{0,1}theist) equivalent giving this boy any shit.

Sadly on dialysis since 2011. Forty. Gutted.

Very sad indeed, just been reading about it, they say it was unexpected.

I’m really shocked. I knew he had kidney problems, but just 40 that’s really sad. He was one of his kind in his era, a battering ram. As a Welsh Rugby fan I remember the guy trampling all over several English posh blokes in the world cup :slight_smile: RIP big man

Was at Old trafford when England Played the All Blacks - all was fine until they got the ball to him and he went in from almost the half way line - he broke the mould for wingers in the game in the same way as usain Bolt changed the preconceptions for sprinters. Huge talent, god knows how many tries he would have got if his carerr wasnt cut short by the illness - he was only 27 when he retired

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Proper legend, sad loss.

And he was injured an awful lot in his final few years, tremendous players and as you say broke the mould and changed rugby.

Unbelievable talent and taken way too early. RIP.

Wow, didnt know he was ill. Very sad news.RIP

It’s no exaggeration to say he changed the way Rugby Union was played and shaped the way it is played today. His illness was supposed to have hindered his playing ability, but by heavens you wouldn’t have guessed it. Far too young to go and, by all accounts, a genuinely decent bloke. Sad day for Union and sport in general.