Jon Stewart

The shootings in South Carolina yesterday were another “oh dear how sad never mind” set of reactions from Politicians, making their platitudes about sharing the grief and loss of the community and their “shock” that this could happen.

Then JS comes up with this, from the heart.

I suppose this is him starting his own “What is wrong with America” thread.

But in the name of greed and their own Political aims, they have lain waste to a huge raft of the Eastern Mediterranean and yet still do nothing to resolve the issues they face in their own country.

Debate time


Amazing that some of our most resonant serious voices are in “comedy”.

Is often said that to be a Comedian you need to be clever and quick witted.

As opposed to choosing a career as a Politician where you only need to have the base level self preservation instinct

It’s not just that. Look how often the parties send on-message mouthpieces to political interview shows. There isn’t any real debate to speak of; it’s repetition of the same carefully worded mantra. Anyone with skills in either English or indeed, raising kids is capable of reading between the lines and determining what is not being said.

Comedy, like other artforms such as music and believe it or not, actual printed comics, has long been a bolthole for honest, serious discussion - because it is getting to the point where you cannot find that kind of honesty where you are supposed to.

Crikey. Are there actually people like that left in the UK these days? Wouldn’t have guessed from reading the Daily Fail online.

Innit V case dat even your Lawyers aint spoke Engerlish nomore like innit and haff 2 git electrocution lessins like.

Dammit, I just posted this on a thread I wrote, then went into a meeting and didn’t post! Sorry DP.

Yeah, saw this earlier this morning. In addition Obama’s speech yesterday was also very good.

I often like to look back at the ravings of a nutcase.

His context, intention and aims of his speech were so wrong. But within it there are occassional phrases which makes one wonder just whether much of the “relations industry” has caused a greater disenfranchising of Society (especially in the US public & Police Forces)

Originally quoted by A Fool

That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century.

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I saw that Jon Stewart piece last night. Hits home but will be ignored in the long run. One journalist here, who happens to be a sports journalist, wrote that it should be required viewing for everyone in high school. Not just high school but everyone should be forced to watch it. You can debate the some of what he says (isn’t that what should happen?) but the main message is dead on.

Another piece that I saw was by John Oliver on HBO. He has been a regular on The Daily Show and now has his own show on HBO. A Brit, incidentally. And, of course, to Pap’s point, a comedian.

Whatever you may think of Piers Morgan, he has never been afraid to speak out, especially when he had his show on CNN, and has been mercilessly mocked by many Americans for criticizing his hosts.

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Stewart’s piece reminded me of Bill Hicks, he would have had a field day in the current climate, we need this type of comedian.

It’s amazing how much the casual observer can learn through culture without looking for it.

The Specials and Peter Gabriel drew my attention to South Africa, Hicks brough me up to speed on US politics - you don’t have to be brainwashed, just open, and sharp enough to make up your own mind when you hear things.

Hopefully through addressing a few casual viewers Jon Stewart will have lit a fire under some of them - in a good way.


He’s taking on a wider subject, addressing the whole world’s issues, but Matt Damon is quite interesting here, speaking about civil disobedience.