Jezza does Southampton Saturday 15th July

Jezza does Southampton Saturday 15th July


Who is going? Anyone?

I am going to hurl so much abuse at this cunt. I can’t believe the fucking brass neck of the fella.


Why choose Southampton?

It’s a local place for local people…


A centre of excellence. Performing well. He thinks he’ll get a favourable audience?


He’ll do anything for publicity, check his Amazon ads.

Just jealous of Hammond.


I must admit I haven’t seen the ads. What are they?

Why are you jealous of that prick? He just crashes constantly.


Grooming the kids again.Lock up your daughter’s.


I thought you were on about Corbyn at first :lou_lol:


Who is this Corbyn, Kyle, Hunt or Guscott?


Hunt at the General. ITK :lou_wink_2:


And Corbyn at Guildhall Square at midday.


Tory cunt should be barred from entrance into the city.






It’s home to two marginals, Southampton Itchen being particularly marginal.


Quite liked the new kit up until that point


God almighty I do wish I was a leftie at times like this. The blood-curdling rage on Twitter from dyed-in-the-wool Tories at Corbs holding up our shirt is hilarious.


It was a tongue in cheek comment @pap



Don’t joke about when it comes to Corbyn, @cobham-saint . Your card is marked.


I’ll get me coat…