Jeff Stelling has just ripped Soufiane Boufal a new


Jeff was at the game and he called Boufal’s performance against Spurs

…the most disgraceful performance by a professional footballer I think I’ve ever seen in my life

Said he didn’t put an ounce of effort in, he gesticulated towards all of his fellow players, he didn’t look like a team player and Jeff didn’t understand how he came out for the second half.

Fair comment?

It was shite, not sure it was that bad.


Eh? Think Jeff might be suffering from poisoning by Botox.

Wasn’t the best performance from Boufal but wasn’t noticeably shocking either.


No, I don’t think Jeff is totally correct TBF

Yes it wasn’t Boufal’s best game but then none of our players stood out.


Yeah, my take was that it was an average performance by a player struggling to get up to speed in the Prem against one of the most aggressive pressing teams in the division.

I actually thought he showed some real quality too, at times.

Interestingly, Jeff challenged Le Tiss to defend why Boufal came out for the second half, and Tiss said he was lost for words.

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Yeah I was surprised by that outburst. I didn’t notice him being awful, just not that involved.

Hopefully the commentator’s curse occurs and he scores another rocket today.

He seems to have been working harder today, including leaving Jonny Evans sat on his arse after some pretty impressive skill

If I want the opinion of an orange man with dyed hair and a permanently surprised look on his face, out of all the Hartlepool fans, he’ll be my first port of call.