January wishlist

January wishlist


We’re into November, so we’re officially only two months away from the opening of the January transfer window. It’s definitely not a great time to buy, but we’ve seen enough cases of it being transformative to a team’s fortunes to make it a worthwhile punt.

Who would you like Saints to sign in January?


Football talk, what the hell…




I would sell Shane Long to Sunderland for £10m.


Interesting. If we couldn’t get Zico, then I’d be happy for straight swap of Long for Fletcher.


Yeah good idea swap Long for Fletcher, and then I would sell Fletcher to Sunderland for £10m.


I wouldn’t pay more than £5m for Zico tho.


Eden Hazard is going to be available. Swap for Long plus £5m to us.


My January wish list:

Gaston Ramirez gets a hat trick.

Koeman signs an extension to his contract.

Saints move up to third in the league.

Pelle hits the 20 goal mark

James Ward Prowse scores a worldie free kick

Jay Rodriguez scores in 3 consecutive games.

No one leaves.

Bearsy turns up at a Papsweb drinks meet up completely unannounced.


Some form of playmaker with the ability to link play and work as hard as Davis whilst also being a bit more ‘glamourous’ about it!


For 8p.


I think we should make a derisory offer for at least one Tottenham player and should repeat the process in every transfer window.


Katharina Liebherr to get absolutely ratted on New Year’s Eve. An equally-inebriated Les Reed will ring to wish her a Happy New Year, but end the call by daring her to buy P*mpey. She’ll do so (using the change down the back of her sofa).

Treating her ‘investment’ as little more than a toy, Kat will re-appropriate the P*mpey first team to compete in the half-time relay at St. Mary’s, while the skates are forced to play their reserves. They drop from a pre-Xmas play-off position into a 21-match losing streak and are relegated to the Conference on the final day of the season.


Taylor Swift


She would certainly shake it up!


So, Steven Davis in a figure hugging number and high heels?


All fur coat and no knickers…


I know that Kelvin gets loads of stick but I think he has been a good servant to the club. However it is high time he hung up his gloves and I would like us to get a decent no 2 keeper as I dont think Gazza is ever going to make the grade.


Umm won’t Stek be that when Forster comes back from his injury, or vice-versa!!


Stek is on loan though, isn’t he? He might not be here after this season.