January transfer window

January transfer window


Blimey - bye then Steven…



You might want to look here @LouLouMySweet


Oops! Sorry!

Hadn’t read that thread! Though would it be an idea to have a thread dedicated to Jan transfers?


I know, there is also The Sotonians Transfer Thread too


January transfer thread below. Last post by you BT!



Oh crap! I’m worse than Barry!

To be fair, I did do a quick search, but the search facility doesn’t work that well for me. So really it’s Pap’s fault. :lou_wink_2:

Feel free to delete this thread, Pap!


I’m going to hijack this thread :-

£12m for Shelvey, again WT actual F is that all about!!!


It’s not worth even looking at fees for Premier League teams transfers anymore. They are all ridiculous. Only going to go one way with the new TV deal coming in as well.