James Horner, composer, dies in plane crash

If you’ve seen Star Trek 2, Aliens or Titanic, Apollo 13 or A Beautiful Mind, you’d have come across James Horner’s body of work.

A real shame, but few get to leave this world having entertained so many.

Is Aliens or Titanic a real film? Sounds intriguing, kind of like i.e. Sophie’s Choice

Edit: RIP

Edit2: Oh i forgot i don’t have to rip on papsweb cos no fractions. I withdraw my rip.

one doesn’t wish to be unkind tho. RIP.

ART over at TSW deserves credit for this contribution.

his earliest known work was autobiographical.

Little James Horner

Sat in the corner

Eating a christmas pie.

He stuck in a thumb

and pulled out a plumb

and said “what a good boy am I”