J Rod

So…sounds like Jay is injured again and requires an operation of some description. I guess we may learn more from the press conference tomorrow (whose turn is it to endure and translate btw?).

If he is out for a while again it would be a real shame. At the risk of writing him off and doom mongering, I do get the feeling that he won’t ever return to his pre ACL glory. This is a big season for him in my opinion so here’s hoping it’s a minor op and he’s back soon. He needs to build on the recent appearances and goals rather than starting from scratch again.

A lot now rides on Austin staying fit, Boufal getting fit, and Shlong practicing his shooting…particularly with his left foot.


It’s his groin this time apparently…

It’s not looking good for him, the last couple of injuries haven’t even come during games but in training. I feel sorry for him.

Can’t help thinking the club made a bit of a fuck up in the transfer window by assuming he’d stay fit. I know, I know, hindsight and all that, but I think this one should have been predicted.

No worries, we’ve got Jake now … and Boufal very soon !!! :laughing:


Adam Blackmore@ bigadamsport 2m2 minutes ago

# saintsfc Claude Puel confirmed just now that Jay Rodriguez had a groin hernia op in Germany & hopes he’s back after Int break

It often happens that players out with major injuries come back and suffer many minor injuries ever after. Just have a feeling that JRod is going down the Michael Owen road.

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Lots of negativity* here, so how about some positivity**.

Jay has just spent virtually 2 years twiddling his thumbs, it’s hardly surprising he’s been over working his groin(young and rich men rarely have to do it solo either).

He’ll be back for the Burnley game. So a nice 20 minutes from the bench(probably score), then ready for another sub appearance against Inter(probably score our 4th or 5th. Maybe both).

After that, consistent starter, fighting Austin, Boufal, Redmond, Tadic and Hesketh(not Long) for the golden boot.

* This is a word used by people that buy self help books. I do not buy these books. A self help book written by someone else negates the whole point. Fucking idiots.

** See *