"I've got a HUGE man love for SWDP" .... BTripz July 2017

"I've got a HUGE man love for SWDP" .... BTripz July 2017


As requested by SWDP on his spacey thread, I’ve created this thread … mostly to humour him but now its done, I’d like to give my nod of approval to a couple of South Asian cricketers

These fine cricketers* are the winners of the Indian Celebrity Cricket League and they’re hansome in a girl way

I think the one 2nd from right looks like she probably has a nice arse and 2nd from left has lovely eyes

* they might be fans … didn’t really read the text just the header


There’s a fair bit to learn about this site


@cellone at first glance I thought you were sponsoring the kit. Then when I zoomed in, alas it wasn’t to be. Still, not an entirely wasted exercise.


Disgusting sexual imagery.

The lady third from the left is holding the shaft of her steed very suggestively and I note that the skin that wraps said shaft is rolled back a little at the tip as if to suggest that the shaft has grown in length and in doing so has stretched the skin.



There’s a fair bit to learn about @stickywhitedovepiss . Something of an enigma. I’m not sure anyone has delivered more wounding insults on this site, which are helped by the extensive knowledge he/she/it has on the Cantell set.

We celebrate it. We admire anything done properly. Nobody does “near-dormant stalker menace that may turn up in your house” like SWDP.


Ahhh yes we mirror society in all its majesty…that’s what makes Sotonians a glorious mess. :lou_lol:


Don’t fancy everyone else’s…


Nope, not feeling the love


Any better @tigger ??


Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Shahid Afridi


Image result for bollywood actresses playing cricket


Thanks guys, feel better now :cool:




It is with regret that I announce the _probable _demise of @stickywhitedovepiss . I cannot declare it with certainty, the boy is a wily bugger, and as @barry-sanchez so wonderfully taught me, I can be so very very wrong. That may be the case here.

However, this has been bugging the Cantell set for a bit, especially because a good deal of us still know each other, those that post here can obviously see that SWDP is an articulate mofo, and quite honestly, we’d _thought _we’d got the electronic tags on all those boys and girls, even if they’d fucked off to London at the earliest opportunity to escape the grim South(ampton).

Even so, one name kept coming up, which I’m never going to explicitly mention here, and I would implore fellow Cantellians not to do so. He was the constant subject of “whatever happened to” enquiries, having ostensibly disappeared off the face of the earth in the nineties. He also had a European background.

Last September, I visited this fellow’s LinkedIn page. It was a storied history of impressive roles in some very impressive European private sector institutions. LinkedIn is your ultimate anti-stalker social media site, telling you who visited your profile. My visit would have been recognised.

Now it _may _be coincidence, but SWDP has not visited or posted since.

Given the glorious bastardry that SWDP wrought on me, personally, I can see why he mightn’t fancy swimming these waters again, but if this is not an epic BS style miscalculation, I’m not arsed, mate. Few have held me to better account on this site than you have, even though you’ve occasionally between a twat. And if we’ve calculated the distance correctly, in imperial units of course, it was good to have you back.


@pap admits he is also a stalker.

Oh great, and we all volunteered to give him access to our online persona


He’s welcome to mine an alcoholic sexoholic who beats children (at Pool)


Are you a relative of Michael Barrymore PS?

Beating Children in pools eems a bit extreme - but then you have to make do with second hand hard drive porn


I am Michael Barrymore

you have outed me on the interweb :lou_facepalm_2: