I've been saying it for years, football is broken

Fantastic read by the way, sad but still a great read, we have no chance.

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He is not wrong.
So, as in life, lots of things are shit/broken. People grumble, or rant on Twitter but nobody cares.
Fans rise up? Yeah like we matter.

Here is the answer, cancel your Sky/BT/Amazon subscriptions.
But then enough overseas money and tourist fans solve that.
Andy Holt has been saying football is broken for years. To no affect.
Whinge or suck it up & find a wonky stream while we can. Proper encryption is coming.

Spot on. It’s ridiculous that the scousers can get this far into a season and only drop two points. I’ve been saying the same, that we’re rapidly becoming like the jock league, top two decided before a ball is kicked and the rest are also-rans.

This horrific clip shows just how badly football is broken. Utter disgrace.


I agree.