It's only a game they say

It’s only a game they say,
What do they know,
It’s not a game, it’s more,
A burden, a hardship of scant reward

A road traveled alone yet accompanied,
All ill-fated together scarred from hope,
Needing love yet being spurned by fate,
Or Sirens, deviants and temptress’s

This journey is a burden,
A sack of loss and bitterness,
Resentment wrapped as a present,
Aggrieved once opened.

Very moving bazza, almost Oscar Wildish. I hope you aren’t on the turn!

Did that come from your fevered creative brow @Barry-Sanchez?

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Barry’s going to snooker himself tonight.

Something I knocked up whilst waiting for a burger.

But it doesn’t rhyme. Everyone knows, poems rhyme…!

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The last time I dined with the King. He did a most curious thing. He sat on a stool. Took out his tool. And said if I play will you sing. Will this do?

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…and?, finish it goddamit!!

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