Its Getting Messi

Messi has beaten Ronaldo to the Ballon d’Or. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I would love to have seen Ronaldo’s face when the result was announced!!!

Thing is its has become a bit of a joke IMHO. 2014 should have gone to Philip Lahm IMHO, considering what he won and the role he played… but they seem obsessed with goal records and the spectacular - great individual players for sure, but players who are given the freedom to shine because of the quality of the team. The 2014 World Cup showed that unsurprizingly the best TEAM won what is a TEAM game…

the mirror have video footage of Ronaldos face when it was announced on their website. It shows nothing and is a pointless video. Look at the video of a mans face showing no emotion if you want, I can’t be arsed linking it here because its stupid and made me angry.

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Coleman and Willliams voting for Bale, all biased and crap. Mueller should have been right up there.