Its day 20 in the Southampton Transfer Window saga

Its day 20 in the Southampton Transfer Window saga


and we’ve been busy signing fuck all and talking up everyone and no one, from Gandhi to Pol Pot, they’ve all been in there and not one players has been bought, Les and Ralph have said they’re in for Yuri Gagarin and won’t take no for an answer.

These two along with the Chinese really have the clubs interests at heart and with their knowledge of the game and the Lander Groups willingness to flash the cash at every turn we’ll be in the Europa Cup palce in no time.

They know what they’re doing.



They are just drawing the process out to wind you up Barry. Are you going to start a new thread every day until the end of the window? Classic attention seeking.


With regard to drawing the process out. Are you an ITK or is this just normal handmaiden gossip with OfKat?


I don’t know, ask your Chuckle Brother twin.


Under his eye OfLes


Nope, got me there Ofbollocks.


Its day 20 in the Southampton transfer wndow sage house. Pap is in the bathroom cleaning his balls after aother accidental forward wipe failed to clear the scrotum. Bletch, is ironing. He only brought a small supply of his stunning collection with him to the house so regular washing of his favourites is amust to share his style with the TV audience.

Fatso is busy masturbating in the living room which is uncommonly quiet with exception of the ‘chuck chuck’ and slightly elevated breathing. Bearsy is watching.

The house is quiet after Rally and Choala were evicted, but Arealoa is hanging in there to provide a bit of nonosense when it all gets too sensible.

Barry is in the diary room - he has been there for 20 days repeating the same shite about the crap chinese they had for dinner on day 2, and something about fat cats getting rich. No one is listening.


Fuck, I even read that in a Newcastle accent!!


Clapping Hands on Google Android 8.1


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Translation from the original Chinese ?


“Colourless green ideas sleep furiously” Noam Chomsky


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Joey Barton?


Thats Joan Collins isn’t it ?


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…but 'twas always so.


Can’t argue with any of that!

A questions for New York Sanchez - if it meant buying a player who didn’t improve the squad would you be happy? If we couldn’t sign the players we wanted who would improve the squad so didn’t blow our budget an average players, would you be happy with that?Would you rather try and get the players you want even if it meant going to the deadline or would you rather sign anyone on day 20?