It's a funny old game 2017/18

It's a funny old game 2017/18


In what I hope will be a new tradition, a thread to celebrate the amusing aspects of the football season. As a Saints fan, I find that if you can’t laugh, you’ll cry.

To whet your appetite, here’s something that’ll appeal to our shrinking middle aged demographic.

But it’s not just about tittering about incidents in games, it’s about what clubs wanted at the start of the season, and whether they got it. It’s about the wonder of people like Mourinho being the second person to term Luke Shaw a fat bastard. It’s about Pep looking like he’s planning black spells halfway up the Etihad, or Barcelona getting spankered out of the Champions League by Roma.

What has made you laugh this year? Small moments, big moments, quiet moments of vengeful smug self satisfaction, such as big spending “born in 73” PSG getting bounced out of the CL at the first time of serious asking?

How has the 2017/18 season been a funny old game?


Will try and find time to watch the whole programme - comedy footie and comical ex-footie players scraping a living, what’s not to like.