Italy vs. Sweden - Italy Teetering on The Brink

Italy vs. Sweden - Italy Teetering on The Brink


Half Time 0 - 0

Gabbi starts and as usual finding it hard to get on the end of a decent half-chance. It’s been constant Italian pressure throughout the first half but Sweden have simply got bodies in the way of all the Italians can throw at them.

If they can’t find a couple of goals without reply it will be the first time since 1958 Italy have failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals.


Gabbi subbed…so I don’t care if the Italians do it or not. They had 75% posession in the first half and the same in the second so far…no cutting edge.


Sounds like another team we know…


Poor old Azzuri…out of The World Cup.


How can you have an international player called Immobile?


Saves Gabbi from being knackered next year.


There’ll be a root and branch search to rectify this I am sure, in English football we get the Premier League saying everything is rosy and England should be happy at such a “product”.


I won’t miss Italy, they can be the dullest team to watch and there’s a limit to how much pointless possession football I can suffer between now and next summer.



Oh, I get it now


They missed this guy, as do we!