It the Skates get to Wembley

Any of you lot fancy going to cheer on the team they are playing? It will be on bank holiday Monday afternoon.

Could be against any of the below.



Bristol R



So reasonably south teams. Would like to see Wimbeldon go up as they will be in the same league as MK franchise wankers, who have been relegated.

Would be a crappy bank holiday weekend of shit football, but could either be very funny, or just plain upsetting! Even if the skates do not make it, I fancy a trip anyway as I am in Royston for the weekend.

I doubt they’ll get there, and seriously hope they don’t!

Will be playing Plymouth in the semis, and I think the mighty Pilgrims will put paid to their little dream of escaping the Fourth Division in the right direction.

Would love to go and cheer on the opposition if they do, but sadly just can’t justify the expense, or the sense of utter crestfallenness I would feel if the fuckers actually did it.

Imagine actually being at Wembley and having to watch those fucking cheating skate cunts celebrating promotion. :lou_facepalm_2:

Thanks (good idea mate) – but no thanks. Couldn’t handle the devastation if they won. :lou_sad: :lou_angry:

If the Skates get to Wembley they will have to expand the ground quickly because there will be at least 250,000 coming up from Southsea Common