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Wasn’t this taken horrendously out of context?

I think Sky News have shown the whole video now, where the Officer was trying to explain to the chap that if he went over, where he wanted to go over, he’d probably end up getting lynched and it could possibly escalate into a full scale riot.

So the officer, clumsily, was trying to diffuse a possible tinder box.

But, as you say, agendas at play here.

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I have a problem with the concept that someone cannot lawfully walk somewhere because a group of people might kick the shit out of them

If you replace Jew with black and pro Palestinians with white, then sure as shite the Met would have responded differently

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There’s a fuck ton of protesters walking down the road, he wanted to walk across them…


The officer wasn’t trying to stop him, he was trying to get him somewhere safely…


If the Copper had let him walk through the march and he’d had the shit kicked out of him, the Copper would have been accused of not protecting a Jewish citizen. Can’t win here, especially as the dopey cunt couldn’t just take the sensible option of crossing somewhere else.


There is no comment on this that can be made that wouldnt get twisted by someone.

I demand to walk over there is as bad as openly.

And tge it’s a free country innit approach is also twatish.

If you were in a Saints shirt and they were skates is the same as the race angle.


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The UN human rights High Commissioner has reported that nearly three hundred bodies have been found in mass graves at two hospitals completely destroyed by Israeli forces in Gaza. Some of the bodies, which include women and children, had clearly been beaten and abused, some even had their hands tied behind their backs. No doubt Sunak, Starmer and the rest of the apologists for Israeli war crimes will still insist that this is Israeli self defence. The “Most moral army in the world?”. A genocidal death cult is what they are. Shame on our government and the leader of the opposition for continuing to support this slaughter, and refusing to call out Israeli war crimes. Not in my name.


Hmmm :thinking:

Someone doesn’t want an end to this….


History is normally written by the victors. Can’t see anyone coming out of this one with any glory.

The surprise is that anyone is surprised.
He will not stop until Gaza is flat ready for occupation & redevelopment and anyone even a filing clerk employed by or related to Hamas has been killed.
It has been the objective from the first moment

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If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would suggest…

And you would be buried by…

But the current visuals really do not look good - Ceasefire agreed - start bombing.

I have no opinion on that just not surprised

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The extreme right wing in Netanyahu’s government spelt it out yesterday, if he doesn’t attack Rafah they will bring his government down. They have already started flattening public buildings, schools, cemeteries with bulldozers etc. It’s no conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact, despite what apologists for Israel will say. Netanyahu and co will make the whole of Gaza uninhabitable, with nothing for the previous residents to come back to. Then the (mainly East European) settlers will move in and occupy it. Prime beach side real estate. They really don’t give two fucks what the rest of the civilised world thinks, they know when push comes to shove The US and UK governments will not go against them. Bought and paid for.


Bloody hell. Not holding my breath that any repercussions on the perpetrators will follow.

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The police and army just stand around watching them. Just as they do when the illegal settlers attack and destroy Palestinian homes and farms, burning their crops etc. Armed settlers are murdering Palestinians in their homes with complete impunity. But of course if the Palestinians resist they are terrorists.

What a marvellous way to say fuck off


What a bunch of cunts.

Ffs - who is organising this stuff?

Dig down deep and it will be “those who hold extreme MAGA/Republican views”

It’s the lunatic fringe on the other side

The people with the same knuckle head mentality as those who join pro Palestine demos and give it the whole jihad / death to Jews shite