⚽ Is this the worst squad since promotion?

:soccer: Is this the worst squad since promotion?


I’m looking at it and I’m not impressed nor convinced we’ll stay up this season, from the games this season I have seen from the comfort of my telly we still stutter in front of goal and certainly the defence situation hasn’t been properly sorted out.
I look at our defence and I’m happy with the keeper and Bertrand but he’ll be gone in January if we’re shite.
The midfield is a little more mixed.
Nothing beats raw pace with accurate crosses or a player capable of cutting inside to keep a defender guessing and I guess the managers know this hence the slow build up but that has its issues as we need quality players to pass through lines, do we?
Am I missing something?
Lemina is a good tricky midfielder and I like Romeu but who else?
What magic is there?
Its totally uninspiring and drab.

Up front?
Ings was a good loan move no doubt but who else have we got? Gabbiadini? I like him a lot but he is miles ahead of our team in intelligence in terms of the runs he makes and if I were him I hate playing at Southampton, few chances in the team and he gets few passes when he plays in good positions.
Austin is fat and lazy and not worth it now.
Long works hard but his only real attribute is pulling defenders away from goal late on in a game, hardly premiership quality.

Worrying times and well we had the warning signs.




People tend to ignore reality on here and follow an easier part.


I’ll follow your part


Did you bring your glove?


Well any changing of opinion?

You can’t say I haven’t said this for a long long time.


Imho, if we did only one thing differently to what we currently do, I would have us speed up the ball movement.

You are right about quick players cutting in and around peeps but if (like we do) players are slower SPEED UP THE FECKING BALL MOVEMENT

If I can tell this almost from the :mapoftasmania: then I do not understand why those there in the flesh and blood on the Management team can’t. Urrrgh