Is this Sotonians' chance for the spotlight?

Is this Sotonians' chance for the spotlight?


I want Pap to represent me !

Sounds like another fluffy Ralph idea and it will be like the “Works Committee” where you have a voice as long as it says what the Company wants to hear. However, we can’t knock it until we’ve tried it. I do think that someone from here would be an ideal candidate where they can then use the forum to communicate with us Minions.

We limp on. COYR


This has Nick Illingsworth all over it.


Holy crap, what have they unleashed - it’ll be the Sotonians Soviet election all over again…


I guess it’s proof positive that nobody connected to the club visits here…


I nominate Barry.


Unrealistic, frankly.

He’d presumably need to go to St Mary’s from time to time.

Mu-ha III : The crossing of the threads.


Scuse me but that’s bad isn’t it? Doesn’t crossing the threads cause total protonic reversal? Causing every molecule in your body to explode at the speed of light?


Crossing threads? Hardly matters does it when the mad axeman is running unchecked through the entire forum. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Technically that’s “streams”, @gavstar , and no, it does not cause that, despite what those Ghostbustin’ geeks have told you.

I’ve tried it in the bogs. You just get wet shoes or punches in the face from people next to you.


Oh thank goodness. I guess while you were crossing threads I was just _crossing purposes. _



Will they pay the airfare?

IF so I volunteer


Ah shit no way.

Playing golf that weekend


Just corrected that for you there @dubai_phil

Always a pleasure - no charge.



We could job share @dubai_phil then both have UK visit every now and again :lou_lol: