🌍 Is the planet Earth doomed?

:earth_africa: Is the planet Earth doomed?


The Planet will be fine. We’re good at destruction, but not that good.

We’ll definitely take all life along with ours. Although there is a slim chance we could completely destroy the atmosphere and then earth will be another Venus.

We have known for decades and could stop the destruction at anytime we chose.


Heatwaves right across Europe. No significant rain for weeks here (looks like we’ll get a month’s worth in a day on Friday :roll_eyes:), enormous forest fires inside the Arctic Circle in Sweden and massive fires in Greece. Dozens dead in Quebec from a heatwave. Flash floods and heatwave in Japan with hundreds dead and the highest temperatures ever recorded. Sydney, in winter is experiencing temperatures 8 degrees above the average.

Get used to it, this is looking like it’s going to become much more commonplace :frowning:


Proper weather this year. Plenty of snow and cold in late Winter followed by plenty of sun in Summer. the tomatoes should be good this year if i can keep them watered.


Time to plant my lemon and olive trees?


I’ve come round to @Saint-or-sinner position. We are certainly doomed and there’s nothing we can do about it. The upside is that I’ve sat in my garden and enjoyed the sunshine more than I ever have. We’re fucking tropical! We’ve not even booked a holiday this year. Who needs to go away when we got this? So, the planet is doomed but I reckon we got a good hundred years at least at which point I’ll be dead and so will all people I’ve met. Future people aren’t real people to me so I’m not fussed about them. I’m going to sit naked on my patio later and that wouldn’t have happened in the past .


Well, in Roman times they used to grow grapes in Scotland, could you do that now?


The horror


36 degrees here in France today. In and out of the pool to cool off. Just cracked open the second bottle of red, pizza from the wood fired oven later and then a game of boule. Keep spraying them aerosols guys.


Baking here in the Waterside. Nice sea-breeze to keep things bearable. Beer chilled in the fridge

Kids being remarkably tech-free and conversing old style with their grandparents



That’s the attitude @Fatso but 100 years?

“As of 2017, average global temperatures had risen 1 C above pre-industrial levels, according to the document. If greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace, each decade is expected to bring another 0.2 C of warming – triple the rate of 0.06 degree or so per decade from 1880 to 2012, a period that saw a cumulative 0.85 C rise.”

So divide your 100 years by 3, then add the ever accelerating effects of all the other problems we cause(17 of the last 18 years have broken temp records).

Then you need to think about the wars. They burn energy like nothing else(worlds largest single polluter, the US military) and there’s going to be lots of them.
At least you’re stocking up on food.


I thought it was supposed to be hot here in UK.
I had to wear a vest today


I’m 59 years old. OK a lot of tgat was overseas, bit I had never seen a lightning strike.
Until Friday having a smoke outside my daughter’s house BOOM a tree was hit 70m from me out of a clear sky.
Today? Sitting on the balcony clear sky BOOM It hit a tree across the road.
Never strikes twice?


I’m sure you’re right Phil…


Maybe I’ve just been having one of those weekends…


Has he got a metal plate in his head or something


Surely he must have some super powers by now?


Another lovely day and another unexpected new title for humanity(3 months ago really and only certain (richer and more barbaric)parts of humanity).
Raise a glass one and all, we’ve evolved from an almost simpleton like “plague species” into the far more advanced “oncogenic species”.
Yes, we are God like and now spread cancer like we spread single use plastic.


The blind, almost religious, idiocy of “more” strikes another blow to future life, so raise your :wine_glass:.
Such a large rational cortex, so little rationality.
What went wrong?


The only downside of the article is that there are a couple of “mights” thrown in there. Stated associations, but no peer reviewed “proof”

That makes me a tad uneasy, I’m assuming someone’s research grant budget is due for renewal (?) but I’m willing to be properly convinced.


If it’s going to keep getting this hot we may be doomed.
can someone turn the world’s thermostat down a bit please?


Gradually cooling over the next week…fear not dear lady. :lou_wink: