🌍 Is the planet Earth doomed?

:earth_africa: Is the planet Earth doomed?


Interesting debate in office today when one woman said this wasn’t right for kids to miss school for a day to protest. My view was it was fine to go and protest. She said that kids have to be in school for discipline and boundaries (no mention of learning) and that there were families where kids didn’t get this (you have to remember where we work does probably skew your view on kids) and that school is the place for it. I said it’s not and that it’s important to have freedom and that going to school is more about us being compliant for later life and work places. One person agreed with me.


Not sure about the whole thing, as kids will jump on anything. That said, anything that raises awareness in the people that are going to have to deal with it, can only be good. If they just get enough info to make them notice and look themselves, that’s a big achievement.
Compliant is the perfect answer for anyone that says discipline and boundaries :wink:


I look forward to them taking the next logical step and refusing lifts to school in mummy or daddy’s gas guzzler and walking. Oh— hang on a minute!


Wearing my old farts hat:
Do you know how many times I was driven to school in a velocipede or charabanc ?
NONE…not once, not ever.

However I am now burning up all those Carbon Footprint credits to fuck the future of all those spoilt brats.


An interesting read …


On that theme, this is a blistering early Tim Roth performance. And yes, I know Tim Roth has a swastika tattooed on his head.


Well as it takes more energy to make a paper bag than a plastic bag they may be on to something

If we recycled the plastic bags properly it would leave less of a carbon footprint.