🌍 Is the planet Earth doomed?

:earth_africa: Is the planet Earth doomed?


You’ve fallen for the distraction @Cobham-Saint and you’ll get the privilege of being taxed for it.
For the record, i am anti all plastic production
The below quote points out the usual problem with all these “measures”(remember, they will tax you, whilst production and consumption increase(good initiative?)).
The whole article is very well put together.

“One of the most major toxic pollutants we boundlessly produce and consume is plastic. As recently as this year, many people first became aware of the enormous problem of plastic pollution. In response to the newfound knowledge, several companies and municipalities banned plastic straws and urged a reduction of our consumption of “single use” plastics. Yet these measures will barely begin to curb the plastic problem, considering production of plastic is still on course to soar by 40% in the next decade.Not only is it vital that we try to eliminate the pollution already created, but we must curtail the stream of pollution that rolls of off assembly lines every day if we are to make any progress whatsoever. The only real method to deal with the problem of waste stemming from our over-consumption is cutting it off at its source.”



and these initiatives miss the entire problem.
It is not the UK that should be “taxing” single use plastic, it is the entire planet, but MOST especially Asia.
Cambodia away from Siem Reap was simply a dustbin of garbage in plastic bags, and now so many of those are finding their way into the sea.
A Tax on Western Users is of course a start but the billions of others in such poor countries don’t have the money for basics let alone taxes, and the sheer concept of denying emerging markets access to “packaged food products” (ie frozen foods) is impossible.
Sure make a gesture, sure it must start somewhere. But real impacts could be made.
Impose taxes on imports from Nations that do not have re-use or reduce policies would be a start.
Now how do you get EU Law changed.Oh.


The only answer is to stop production of all plastic. Recycle what you already have(only possible for a third of it).
The denying poorer countries lines is no more than a distraction planted by people that profit. Why do they need something they survived without for their whole history, that will undoubtedly end up killing them?
Sorry Phil, that’s corporate bullshit to keep things exactly as they are.


This doesn’t seem great.


I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s nothing compared to what social media is doing to people’s intelligence


Take this site for instance…


Thats mainly alcohol killing brain cells on here @Cobham-Saint


Walking the dog in the countryside can still be a pleasurable experience for us oldies…but precautions are advised.



Good to see someone doing something, I don’t think it will fix the problem but got to start somewhere.


You could put out 10,000 of these ships and that wouldn’t be enough just to keep the pollution at present levels.
Nice idea, but no more than a gimmick, until you stop plastic production.
It’s all basically futile until people(particularly in the west) reject the way we now live.
Here’s the chance of that happening in pictorial form.


Stopping plastic production is the cure I agree, but there’s still a shitload in the seas that needs to be cleaned up and this is a start, and hey you gotta start somewhere right? we can only hope that others follow suit.


I did see some tree hugger yesterday talking about organisms that would be trapped and killed especially plankton



Ask the next tree hugger about the last orgasm they had.

They tend to go quiet at that point.


Get your point Gav and i commend the young man for his efforts, but that one ship costs a fuck ton of money, which would have been better spent educating people about the necessities of changing how we live.
I’d be interested to know who funded it?
Age old technique of destructive business is to fund “feel good” but ultimately futile practices, that initially seem against their interests.
Here’s another one that sounds to good to be true, mainly because it is.


Well I’m going to stay (relatively) optimistic about the project and even if it fails the guy is getting some good publicity out there about the problem at hand, I think I first heard about these ‘garbage islands’ when I read an article about what this guy was trying to do, and as a result I have started using a lot less plastic in my everyday life.


here is a list I found of some of the companies helping fund it @Saint-or-sinner


Perversely, it does become a habitat for some life forms. Doesn’t make it right though.
Until we accept that we are not God’s, don’t have dominion over all else and stop treating science as some form of religion that will save us, we’re fucked.
Simple truth, we have 5-10 years to cut emissions by a minimum of 50% to have any hope of maintaining human life on earth. If we don’t we’re guaranteed a 2°c rise and that will lock in at least 5 major tipping points. We then need to look at between 4-8°c rise within 50 years and that will kill us all.
Happy Saturday people :blush:


Got as far as this bit and the alarm bells started ringing.
Maersk which provides marine services and integrated solutions to the energy sector worldwide.


Being positive, whilst changing is excellent and the fact that this news effected your habits does show the benefits of learning.
We need so much more and we need it now(preferably 30 years ago, but can’t do anything about that).
Keep learning, keep changing and keep telling people.


Maersk one of the first big fleet european operators to flag out there ships to cheaper alterantives.
I didnt use 3rd world there because the Danish seafarer’s are now 3rd world.