Is it wrong to enjoy playing away from home more?

Is it wrong to enjoy playing away from home more?


Despite being tempted by the £12 a pop tickets for this weekend, I’m keeping my wallet under check. 'Er in is off to MILs on Friday so it’s just me and Tyke for the weekend. We can’t do midweek the following week due to school (and the fact we live 200 miles from SMS) so next up is WBA at The Hawthorns.

Tickets have been purchased (and delivered) and I can’t wait. Not been to WBA so another one to chalk off. Beginning to enjoy away days more than SMS these days … Is that wrong ?

We limp on. COYR


When I read the title I thought of a bit of infidelity. Needless to say I am somewhat disappointed.


Viagra will help that!!


Our ground has never inspired me, the area or the flat pack stadium, the Dell on the other hand was amazing, 4 hours solid boozing beforehand and a stumble in the Archers/Under East or the Milton and straight into the pubs in Bedford Place afterwards.


Barry… here to suck teh last vestiges of fun and enjoyment out of life… like the opposite of King Midas, every thread touched turns to miserable shit


I’ve been thinking a bit about that. About Barry. And them bros on Saintsweb that are bit similar like Glasgow, or dear old Alpine Saint. I’ve been thinking… what do they want from me?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling miserable about something I like to tell people, and honestly it’s cos I want them to tell me it’s gonna be ok and make me feel better. I don’t think that’s what Barry wants tho, honest I don’t. I’ve tried sometimes, to point out where he’s going wrong, or explain why it might be ok. We all have! He don’t want to hear it. Sometimes it makes him quite angry :lou_sad:

And then sometimes we fight with him and call him names. Surely he don’t want that? Why would anyone want that? I mean, if he does, maybe he can just mention and then we can Carry On, but I’ve got another idea right…

Maybe, when Barry says he’s miserable, it’s cos he wants you to feel miserable too. Sounds kooky, but I really think that might be it. Why don’t we try it for a bit? In future, when Barry says he’s very sad and everything is terrible, we could all just like… agree. Say that we’re v.sad too, and we can’t see a way out. It’s just doomed and awful and will never get any better. Maybe talk about Killing Ourselves (but don’t actually go through with it pls).

I know it’s a nuisance, but I really think it will be an interest experiment. Let’s try it, please. For Barry.


The homophobe trying to get a laugh from his words, its like Pol Pot trying to be a humanitarian, it ain’t gonna happen.


Agree. Terrible. If you scoured all of Europe for the worst location to place a stadium, I doubt you could find a more unpleasant spot. And don’t get me started on the architecture! I’ve just been to Barcelona. Amazing sights.

And we get this:

:lou_sad: :lou_sad: :lou_sad: :lou_sad: :lou_sad:


It’s hard not to sound sarcastic though. I didn’t mean it to be, but it sounds it a bit. It won’t help Barry if it sounds sarcastic. That will make him more sad. I think I over-reached. Maybe someone else can try pls.


Is that a photo of Barcelona’s ground? It’s very unusual looking.


Wow, is that first photo the Nou Camp? No wonder Messi loves kicking around there so much.

I had heard that some of the stands were up in the gods but had no idea just how much.

Thanks Bear.



I thought as much myself, but they wanted 15 euro for a stadium tour, so I didn’t actually get to see Messi. I’m not made of money rip.


And there we have it. The reason for Barry’s negativity - he’s stuck in the past. The Dell has gone Baz, gone…


Oh fuck you Fatso! Sneaking in there and landing the joke before me!



The Dell had a fantastic atmosphere and opposition teams hated going there, but it was a bit of a dump. Sorry Barry.


Bit too Gaudy for me*

*This is architecture joke dumb bear.


Dont you dare mention humanitarian in the same sentence as me again


** Sterling** effort, helps **foster ** a new appreciation for architecture, kahn’t help but think its the w right thing to do, but will probably just get loads of Cobus ier for it. (OK for the last one its deserved)


Oh, my Gaudi…terrible!


Have you quite finished?? :lou_eyes_to_sky: