Is It The End Of The World As We Know It?

While Barry frets about tolerance and the alleged lack of social integration, Trump’s armada is being shadowed by the Russians and Chinese and the North Korean situation is escallating dangerously. Perhaps this is something we should be more worried about rather than playing the we are more tolerant than you games?

Maybe it’s something we should be more concerned about that rather than the Barry bashing game?

You may have the opening of an interesting thread, but why bring Barry into it? There’s plenty of threads where you two can tickle each other’s balls.


He’s right SOS, you can’t really complain now, if he comes in with a hostile takeover attempt of the thread :lou_wink_2:

Edit … soz, I meant SOG

Just let me take Mrs D_P to Amsterdam next week on our way back for family stuff, work and the HCFC game.

After that blow the place up for all I care


Why would I become hostile, this fellow is raving fucking mad and I would much rather have me a grade A bellend in charge than this supposed right on whopper.

that is no way to talk about pap.


wasn’t suggesting you would be hostile Baz, more the reaction to you’re presence might

Anyway, back on topic…is this end of the world? I don’t think it’s the end, we just lurch from shitty to even more shittiness. I’m finding the whole world be a depressing place right now. There is turmoil everywhere, instability, death and destruction and they might be making me get rid of my newly purchased diesel car. I brought it because I thought I’d have a good few years before the fuckers actually started to do anything. So I’m stuck in a dilemma about my car ending the world and getting rid of the poisonous bastard but losing money. Now, I’m all for saving the world but I don’t want to have to pay anything towards it. I seemed to have wandered off topic.


Tick tock…

I should be outraged Steve(there’s quite a gap between S & G on a keyboard), but i somehow doubt i have earned that right.

We need a strong leader like Tim Farron to bring the world under control.

Detail please Barry.



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Farron - Religious

Merkel - Religious

Putin - Religious

Erdogan - Religious

Trump - Religious

May - Religious

He’d show em, the people I have put on there put religion before politics or politics before religion, you can decide, argue and counter who’s who but they all use religion and politics together, oh and Farron is a wet bastard who couldn’t get anything out of these bastards, he’d be stamped on.

Whilst Putin is a problem, at least he knows what the rules are. He knows what he can and can’t get away with. The boy with the strange haircut doesn’t have a clue and his obsession with rockets is a big problem - especially when lining up against another odd character with an equally strange haircut. Trump has already shown he is more than happy to use his military hardware. If he employs the same tactics against North Korea ISIS and the other pesky Muslims will be the least of our worries.

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So Farron’s a bastard that couldn’t get anything out of your list of bastards, even though you say he’s a bastard and he’s top of your bastard list. Bastard hard to work out what you’re talking about.

Hi Fats, I mentioned Barry because on pretty much a daily basis we are treated to his world view that Islam and sandal wearing liberals are the root of all evil. When challenged he will throw in a few other bunches of “intolerant” people’s just to show that he isn’t an Islamophobe. Try and find a thread about how the West’s intervention in the Middle East is causing us more problems, what the election of Donald Trump means for the future of the planet or what the missile programme in North Korea means for world peace that is started by Our Bazza and you may as well wait for Long to become a thirty goal a season striker. He comes across as the Sotonians version of TSWs Batman and, after a while, it becomes very tiresome. It’s good to see that some members here challenge him on a regular basis but there are others who let him peddle his world view with the air of a parent who thinks, bless him, hopefully he will grow out of it when he reaches puberty. Perhaps one day the penny will drop and Our Bazza will discover a modicum of self awareness. I’m not holding my breath and await another bout of calling me a bellend instead

For fuck’s sakes, boys and girls.

I’ve already downvoted @fatso for polluting another thread with his personal pony. We’ve now got an attack on @barry-sanchez .

Can we _just _get on with the business of whether we’re going to die in the unimaginable heat of blanket hydrogen bomb strikes?


Ah, I wasnt sure what the downvote was for. I should have understood it was down to a lack of humour…again.

I thought it was funny… and nothing nasty, sorry Pap, but just a humour issue.

Nope. Just a “bored with it on every fucking thread issue”.

The end of the world deserves better scrutiny.